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The Sales Process Continues

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 1/07/2014

As the year ended on Tuesday and another one started on Wednesday, there is really no time to take a breath. The sales process must continue. Unlike seasons for athletes from one year to the next, and in many cases, off-seasons from their respective sports, the “sales season” never ends.

Marketing a new business

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Thurs, 1/02/2014

Over the weekend I was at a holiday party where I got into a discussion with a nice lady, who was talking about an idea she had for a new business. The idea was very good, taking advantage of a potential hole in the market.

Closing the Sale Begins Sooner Than You Think

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 12/24/2013

Closing the sale begins the minute you open your mouth. That’s right! The minute you ask the first question of your prospective client, the closing process begins. What follows is the key to the close.

Event Marketing

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 12/17/2013

One of the easiest ways to extend your marketing budget is through events. There are two ways to go about it; developing an event from scratch or getting involved with an existing event that suits your needs.

Time Management; a Prioritization

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 12/10/2013

We have all faced times in our lives where we feel the pressure of multiple projects on our “to do” list. Having multiple things to do is important. How we prioritize those things to do is even more important.

Business Networking

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Mon, 12/01/2013

Over the last three years I have blogged several times about networking, from a salesperson’s perspective. I had breakfast with a good networking friend yesterday and all we were talking about was how businesses seem to forget the value of in-person networking to market their business. And if they do recognize the value, many don’t know the first step to take in the networking process.

Time Management; Nine tips that will get you results

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tue, 11/26/2013

1. Utilize a time management system that is right for you- There are countless systems available for use by salespeople. Most are digitally available, and some aren’t. There isn’t one better than the next. The important point is to find one that fits you and your way of doing things. And stick with it!

Sales Promotions That Sell

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tue, 11/12/2013

While branding is always an important element of marketing, today’s fast-changing, super-charged business climate calls for immediate revenue increases. An exciting way to approach this aspect of marketing is through sales promotions.

Presentations; The Most Important Ingredient

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tue, 11/05/2013

Sometimes the steps in the sales process seem like a waste of a lot of time. One step looked at in this way, by so many salespeople, especially those who are new to the game, is developing a winning presentation.

Strategic Planning by Definition

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tue, 10/29/2013

Planning strategies for your company should be part of the fabric of doing business. If you cringe at the thought of a strategy session, you should take yourself out of the ownership role. In years past planning strategies took place once a year just prior to setting up budgets for the following year. Today business changes too fast to wait a full year. Strategy sessions are taking place on a regular basis throughout the year in order to stay in touch with the market and ahead of the competition.