Advertising Planning

Marketing Plan

Having an established marketing plan first is essential to plan for advertising. An effective advertising plan will focus on the four P’s; Product, Price, Place and Promotion. This will increase the value of your sales proposition, and the opportunity for accelerated success of your company.

Defining your customers will give your advertising plan direction. It will assist in ad development and help determine where marketing budgets are allocated. Users and buyers of the product or service are sometimes two different groups of people. This can be established through research, focus groups and competitive analysis.

Defining the Uniqueness of your Business

What makes your business different and unique, when compared with the competition? This uniqueness is often used as the central focal point for all advertising, public relations and promotion. It should be beyond service, selection and price, and really be the main reason why customers should come to you instead of anyone else selling the same product.

Setting goals and objectives for your advertising will be instrumental in returning your investment in a campaign. An ad budget should be over a sustained period of time, giving the potential customer a chance to respond to your message and offer. It will also allow for your product and service to be branded in the mind of the consumer.

Selecting the media, and the timing and scheduling of the message is critical. With more media to choose from than in any time in history, it becomes essential to do research to determine which best reaches your customers. By doing so, you will give yourself the highest likelihood of success, allowing you to accomplish your ad goals and objectives, while staying within your established budget.