Mitch's expertise and services were contracted by my employer, Carrier Southern California Sales & Distribution, at the end of 2009. Our Brand Manager was searching for specialized vendors to provide marketing and advertising services to the Bryant dealers looking to boost their market share and visibility in the region. Mitch and I soon built a fantastic rapport, as I quickly learned that he would be dependable, efficient, and always on top of things. I knew I would be able to trust that Mitch would always get the job done. And he did. He was open, honest, and always willing to help. During a tumoltuous time in our company's history, Mitch was flexible and never short of professional and a pleasure to work with. I am confident in saying that our customers would agree.

Tami Hogg
Marketing Analyst at Russell Sigler, Inc.
Brea, CA

“I met Mitch by networking at the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 2002. Our paths would continue to cross in a multitude of business organizations and networking opportunities. What I found is that Mitch is a very focused professional with a plethora of marketing ideas gained from his years of experience in sales and marketing. But what makes him unique is his combination of optimism and willingness to share his knowledge.“

Mike Adams
Independent sales rep at Presstime
Anaheim, CA