Nine Dot Marketing provides services to its clients, ranging from strategic planning in the areas of marketing and sales, up to and including planning and buying media on the marketing side of the business, as well as comprehensive sales training on the sales side of the business.

Determining what aspects of a client’s business needs enhancement is the most important segment of the working relationship. It is during this needs assessment where key discovery leads to projected growth in the client’s marketing and sales departments.

For information on a full scope of sales strategy and sales training services, visit the Nine Dot Marketing subsidiary website, Nine Dot Sales and Training.

Quality Standards

Nine Dot Marketing has gone to great lengths to develop aligned partnerships with only the finest professionals in each area of marketing and sales. This will ensure your complete satisfaction for the services rendered.

The founder of Nine Dot Marketing is a product of Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” era, and one habit is prominent in the work performed; Seek First to Understand, Before Being Understood. A working relationship will not be developed with a client until the client’s business is completely understood by Nine Dot Marketing.