Public Relations

Mitch Seigel Gain exposure for your newsworthy story through third-party outlets, and you’ve legitimized your vision, your company’s or organization’s mission, and entered the world of public relations. PR manages the flow of information between the organization and the public.

Common activities of public relations include speaking at conferences, working with the press, and employee communication. The image your company portrays internally or externally can be a determining factor in its on-going success. PR can be used to build rapport with employees, customers, investors, voters, or the general public.

Public Relations assists in the relationship between an organization and its public. Through constant research, planning, communications, evaluation, and execution of structured campaigns, the relationship builds a level of respect and mutual understanding and acceptance. Attitudes toward your company or organization define the policies, procedures and interests of that organization.

The PR industry of today has changed from years past

Traditional media products have been altered with the introduction of the internet as a global media communication outlet. Blogs have become the cost-effective avenue for keeping lower over-head costs, and are always being developed, replacing traditional media as the new business model for exposure to the public.

Social media is the fastest growing segment in public relations today. While it is the fastest growing segment, the trend has yet to take over traditional media. Social media releases, search engine optimization, content publishing, and the introduction of podcasts are other growing trends.