Branding is the unique and complex process by which a company achieves a level equal to or greater than all industry competition. The achievement of a company to positively build its reputation with its target market, results in that company becoming a brand.

Enhanced Product Development

The further branding of a product or company can lead to enhanced product development, through brand extensions, multi-brands and competitive generic brands. Once a company has established itself as the leader in an industry, it becomes extremely difficult for other new companies in the same industry to gain the stature of the leader.

This competition often leads to a cause-effect relationship for the leader and others that follow, lending itself to the development of brand extensions or new and improved products from the leader, as well as competitive pricing at retail.

Brand Management

Brand management is how companies maintain their high competitive level and market itself to ward off potential competitors. It is also how brands increase their worth over time. Some companies choose not to brand their company, yet stay in a competitive mode by always having lower price points than the leader.

Identifying through a brand is how a brand differentiates itself from competitors. Consumer recognition is symbolic and is how the brand owner bridges the gap between brand image and brand identity. How does your target market identify with your product or service?