Cause Marketing that Touches the Heart

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 6/17/2014

How many times have you seen an ad that says ‘a portion of the proceeds are going toward...’, and then you say, “Ah, that is such a good idea!” Why do you say that? Probably because it is a good idea!

Having our business support causes in its marketing efforts touches the hearts of so many individuals. Generally people get involved in charities for personal reasons. They have a family member or close friend who was stricken with the disease. Possibly they have been attacked and harmed by individuals and have now been placed in a shelter.

Consumers recognize businesses for their support of these worthwhile causes. If it comes down to choosing between two businesses who offer the product or service they are about to buy, the support of a worthwhile cause may break the tie and get the business.

How you promote the fact you support a cause may differ from business to business. You should show consistent support of the cause with messages in your advertising campaigns, as well as internal in your physical business, and online throughout your website. Make it easy for customers to also get involved in supporting the cause, beyond buying your products, with percentages going to the cause. If they see you 100% behind a cause, they will be 100% behind supporting your business.

What are your challenges when it comes to developing memorable cause marketing campaigns? I look forward to hearing your comments. Until next time...