Planning Strategically; Somebody Has to Do It

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 8/18/2015

According to personality charts, only sixteen percent of us are analytical. It is no wonder that when it comes to organization, setting goals, and strategies and tactics to reach the goals, most employees of a company fight to avoid being part of the process.

It has been said thousands of times, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. So true when it comes to business, and it has become more important today than ever before.

Today a business’s fortunes can change in an instant, with twenty four hour monitoring of stock markets around the world, technological advances that allow businesses to monitor progress more closely, and steeper competition that threatens growth.

My suggestion; find the analytical employees in your company and have them lead the process on a regular basis. They should select team members from each department in the company to contribute. This should be done annually, and reviewed on a quarterly basis, at minimum.

If your company does not have goals, how will the employees know that the company achieved anything? There should be specific goals, a timeline to reach each goal, along with strategies and tactics to surpass the goals by the determined timeline.

At the end of the day, you may find hidden talents on your team, those who enjoyed the process, as well as those who assisted in the further development of your company.

What are your challenges when it comes to strategic planning? I look forward to hearing your comments. Until next time…