Selling to Everybody and Anybody

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 04/12/2016

Can you imagine if one day you woke up to discover that everyone in the world looked and acted like you? Kind of a scary thought, right! LOL! Reality has it that there are several types of people and personalities in the world. In order to be a good salesperson you need to be able to sell to everybody and anybody!

You don’t want to eliminate a group of people because they are not like you. That would cut down on your chances considerably to sell. It is more important to focus on the commonalities between you and your prospect than on the differences.

There are four main personality groups; driver, expressive, amiable and analytic. Each one of these four main personalities is also broken down into four sub groups. Once you know the characteristics of each sub group, you will be able to sell and relate to anybody!

Drivers and expressives are similar by being very out-spoken, while amiables and analytics are more introspective. Amiables and Expressives are common in that they are both people personalities, while both drivers and analytics are not, and are much more businesslike. In all cases, for you as a salesperson, they are buyers!

Without going into extreme detail here, if you have these top line thoughts in mind as you approach new or current clients, your acceptance of all personalities will increase, and along with it your percentage to close..

What are your challenges when it comes to selling to different personalities? I look forward to hearing your comments. Until next time…