Sports Marketing- A Major Opportunity!

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 9/01/2015

Tomorrow morning the last major tennis tournament of the year kicks off in Queens, New York, the U.S. Open. The event is normally a big opportunity to market your business, and this year is more special than most.

Serena Williams, is trying to win her fourth straight U.S. open, fifth straight grand slam in a row, become only the third to win the calendar slam, tie Steffi Graf at twenty-two major wins, and pull with two of Margaret Court’s all time record of twenty four major wins. All of that is rolled up into one two-week period, starting tomorrow.

So if you have any ties to Serena, the U.S. Open or women’s tennis, you have a chance to win big, along with Serena. Now she just needs to win! Easier said than done. Everyone will be out to stop her tremendous streak, short of winning the seven matches needed to secure the championship.

As the tournament moves forward and Serena keeps winning, the exposure for your product or service would increase exponentially, along with the audience size. You can bet that you will eventually see some of the top political candidates in the seats watching Serena go for the title.

We’ll see how the tournament goes over the next week, and if she is still involved, I will continue this blog a second week. Stay tuned…

What are ​your​ challenges when it comes to marketing through sports? I look forward to hearing your comments. Until next time…