Sports Marketing- A Major Opportunity2!

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 9/09/2015

Through four rounds at the US Open, Serena Williams is on track to win her fourth straight US Open, fifth straight major tournament, the calendar year grand slam, as well as tie Steffi Graf with twenty two majors in the bag.

There is no one in the remaining field that can beat her. Barring a major injury, she will be crowned on Saturday afternoon. This will make this sports marketing opportunity an even bigger opportunity than it was before she started the tournament. On top of that, by the time you read this blog, she will have beaten her sister Venus in the quarter finals, (she beat Venus ten minutes ago in three sets-updated Tuesday night!) and an equally amazing feat for Venus to attain, at the age of thirty five.

If you were fortunate enough on a local level to sponsor the cable broadcasts on ESPN, or nationally through the network, you will have all eyes on the matches this week. If you are a product sponsor of Serena, every time they see your logo attached to her wins, the value of your product or service increases.

It is amazing that your opportunity for marketing products or services all started on a city tennis court in Compton. To borrow a current movie, they came ‘straight out of Compton!’ And on top of the tennis, that doesn’t have an end date in sight, the sisters both have fashion lines, are part owners of major sports franchises, and own many other licensed products, not known to the general public.

The excitement of sports marketing far outweighs most other emotionally charged marketing opportunities. No matter what size your business, you too can be part of the excitement. Don’t wait. Start now looking for your Serena Williams!

What are your challenges when it comes to marketing through sports? I look forward to hearing your comments. Until next time…