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The Marketing Coach

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 7/07/2015

Over the years I have consulted several small to medium size businesses on the marketing of their company. In at least fifty percent of the instances, the businesses did not have a staff member in charge of marketing. The owner, in many cases the visionary for the business, would determine what budget was to be used for marketing and would work on where the money was spent on their own. Just as often, the owner did not enjoy the experience.

Working the Net: Networking That Works

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 6/30/2015

I was at a networking function this past week when a real estate agent came up to me and asked for my business card. The person hadn’t introduced themselves to me and was already asking for my card.

Event Marketing This Past Weekend

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 6/23/2015

I haven’t golfed in more than thirty five years. I am an avid sports fan, and for some reason I have become attached to golf on television. Part of it is the sports in me, and the other part is the amazement I have at how well professional golfers are able to control emotions in relatively stressful situations.

The Work After the Sale

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 6/16/2015

You call, call, call, and finally get an appointment. Next you conduct an in-depth needs assessment and deliver a spot-on proposal. It takes a lot of going back and forth, negotiating and cold sweat to get the deal. Now you are at the critical point in the relationship. Do you and your company follow through on promises made in setting up the deal?

Marketing You

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 6/09/2015

Generally when a person is between career positions, they are quiet about it and only tell key people in their life. The exact opposite is necessary in order to move to your next position quicker.

Marketing is Marketing and Sales is Sales

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 6/02/2015

A few years ago I was invited to a breakfast meeting hosted by the marketing
department of a major university. I was invited under the guise of offering opportunities
to graduating seniors.

Some Things Just Don’t Sell

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 5/05/2015

Many people have said to me, "You can sell ice to the Eskimos." I’ve heard it enough times that I’ve taken it to heart over the years, and really believe it. So when I run into products or services that just don’t sell, I have to first, take a good hard look at my techniques, and second, a stronger look at the strengths and weaknesses of the products and/or services I am trying to sell.

Sports Marketing

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 4/28/2015

This is the one of the best times of the year for sports enthusiasts; basketball and hockey playoffs, baseball season is under way, and the NFL draft! It is also one of the best times of the year for marketing your products and/or services through sports.

Written Presentations

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 4/21/2015

All too often we take written presentations for granted, when in reality, they may be the most important part of the sales process. Unless you are selling an extremely low price point product or service, the decision maker will review your materials and make a decision at a later date. Having the key information in front of that person in a written format will allow for a complete analysis toward a sound decision.

Cause Marketing

Submitted by Mitch Seigel on Tues, 4/14/2015

Supporting the effort of a non-profit campaign can be the most rewarding effort your company can ever do. That being said, selecting the non-profit to support, creating ideas around the campaign, and then execution of the campaign, can be the most difficult tasks asked of your employees